Paula Brown

I’ve been privileged to have been elected as a PCS Rep for many years.  I started work in Southport Job Centre in 1986, and where I first became a CPSA H&S Rep.  I moved to the Health and Safety Executive in 1996, and soon became active in the union once more.  Over the years I’ve carried out many roles for our union, and I have been a member of the National Executive Committee since 2006.

I have a wealth of experience in representing members individually and in negotiation both with my employer HSE, and, at Cabinet Office level as part of PCS national negotiating teams on topics such as HR, learning and development and Health and Safety.

I became a Rep because I was interested in ensuring fairness in the workplace. I was also opinionated, and always wanted to have a say in what was happening in our workplace! 

I see myself first and foremost as a representative of members views.  We are here to listen to what members have to say, and use those views to shape PCS policy and campaigns.

During the next 12 months these are what I believe should be PCS priorities:

H&S – we must continue to make sure members are safe, and that employers fully apply all of the control measures required in the workplace to protect us from COVID.  There will need to be a new dialogue about how the pandemic has affected workers, and a review of how and where we work.

Jobs – both in the public and private sector must be defended by continuing to campaign against cuts to the services PCS members deliver.

Pay – cuts and freezes have left many struggling to pay their bills.  PCS must keep up the pressure on Government to fund cost of living increases for our members and break pay restraint enforced on our employers by the Treasury Remit Process. There must be a return to national bargaining.

On organizing we must continue to build the strength of our union, as this ultimately increases our leverage in negotiation – that’s why this is a key aim of our national campaign in 2021.  We need to engage more with members digitally, and review our processes to ensure everyone can play an active part in PCS.

To deliver on these aims it is vital that we have a strong united leadership, and for that reason I ask for your support of the Democracy Alliance candidates.

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