Paul Williams


As a current member of the NEC, I am proud to be part of a Democracy Alliance led union leading the fight against Governments attacks.

We are currently in the middle of a national dispute regarding our Pay, Pensions, Redundancy scheme, and jobs. Members support has been magnificent. We know that our campaign has resulted in thousands more members, has brought newer and younger members to the fore, and has shown that we will not bow down to a government who are intent on making us pay for their crisis. With 40,000 of our members using food banks, 45,000 members claiming Universal credit and 47,000 getting a pay uplift just to reach the living wage, we know this is a fight we have to win. We were key workers during the COVID pandemic we are key workers now, we should not be expected to pay for a crisis not of our making.

There is much to do, if elected and as an NEC member I will continue to take a lead. Our members want a union that protects their interests, puts forward a strategy, and takes account of the world of work they are experiencing. That is why you should vote for the Democracy Alliance candidates.

In my role as DfT Group President and a member of the NEC I have provided leadership within our Group. Our members across our Group have been at the forefront of the targeted and sustained action in our national campaign. I have fully supported and advised our Branch reps throughout the dispute. Together we have worked with the NEC to make sure the strategy of targeted action combined with national all member action works, and makes a real impact on our employer. I will continue to provide leadership and support to all of our members and reps in the Department for Transport Group.

I have also been heavily involved in the National Organisation and Education committee of PCS. Working alongside Fran as the National President and other Democracy Alliance NEC members we have devised a campaigning strategy over the issues of pay and have linked that into the Pensions issue and the rising cost of living. Unlike our opponents I and other Democracy Alliance candidates have understood the current situation and what our members are presently experiencing, and we have ensured that organisation and recruitment are key to delivering successful campaigns. We put the blame on these attacks at the Government’s door, not on our own union reps as some of our opponents continue to do.

If elected I will campaign for.

  • The PCS alternative – create jobs, not cut them, invest in public services
  • An end to the pay freeze, return to national pay bargaining
  • Continuing the fight to defend the CSCS
  • Campaign for our pensions contributions to be refunded
  • Opposition to office closures and against privatisation of jobs and services
  • Tax justice – make the rich pay their share, end tax avoidance and evasion
  • Uniting with other unions in action where this is possible
  • Ensuring our commercial sector members jobs, terms and conditions are protected
  • Putting equality, particularly transgender issues, and fighting against racism at the heart of all we do

Democracy Alliance candidates have shown they will stand up to the Government’s attacks, we are taking forward a strategy that can win. I am a member of the SWP, and I ask that you vote for me and the other Democracy Alliance candidates in this election.