Mohammed Shafiq


For me the journey to be a PCS representative started in 2001 when I joined the Civil Service, becoming active in the Black Members Committee in 2003 and then active both locally and nationally. The most satisfying aspect of being a trade unionist is helping your members with their many issues and problems, to be able to go into the meetings with confidence and pride enables you to do the best for the member and ultimately win which is what often happens. That’s why I am proud to be part of PCS and Left Unity where equality, fairness and being a members led Union is what drives many of us. I am proud to be a national leader as Chair of the National Black Members Committee.

When the pandemic came last year, our Union worked to support our members, we successfully fought for the ability of vulnerable staff to work from home, we got the DWP to agree to a BAME risk assessment and additional resources around flexi leave, office opening and resources. The Left Unity led GEC did not just talk a good talk, they rolled up their sleeves and helped our members. Now more than every we need that continued leadership both at a national level and at a group level.

I am deeply honoured to be a candidate for the GEC under the Left Unity banner, it will be important to connect and work with the current GEC to work on tackling under representation, the fight for a decent pay rise, making sure that the temporary staff recruited into DWP are made permanent. With the pandemic and the future way of working now being reviewed we have proven that working from home does not lead to less productivity so this must be available for all staff if they choose to.

As part of Left Unity, I am proud to be joining the team on the DWP GEC, to amplify the achievements and to get to battle for all our members. We have seen all parts of PCS come together to help our members, challenge the employer around health & Safety, remote working, well-being, equality and if elected I promise to support my current GEC colleagues.

Two big things for our members will be coming up, firstly, the disgraceful pay freeze our members are facing whilst the government hand out millions to their friends and supporters and secondly the ongoing campaign to ensure our workplaces are safe during the pandemic will be high on the agenda of the incoming GEC.

In the National Black Members Committee, I have led the response in our Union to the brutal murder of George Floyd, had virtual meetings with our black members, chaired two Facebook Live sessions on Black History month and the impact of coronavirus on black communities. Tacking inequality and promoting services to bring communities together is what Left Unity stands for and I am proud to join the campaign.

So in conclusion, it is an honour to seek election to the DWP GEC for the first time. I am determined to do all I can to help the Union deliver more for our members, better and fair pay, oppose job cuts, pension reform and better working conditions.

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