Mohammed Shafiq DWP


I am asking you to re-elect me for the DWP Group Executive Committee Elections.

This has been an extraordinary year which has continued to impact all of our lives and how we live and work. It has been under that cloud that the Group Executive Committee has fought for the members and made some significant inroads in defending the rights of our members. Making our FTA staff permanent has been a key campaigning objective which has seen us win permanent jobs for the AOs and in the weeks to come pressuring the employer to make the EO staff permanent. This would not have happened without the GEC involvement and something which I am very proud of.

But our work has not just been about saving jobs, we have championed the BAME risk assessments which have been used to increase the number of people working from home, forcing staff back into the office for political reasons is something the GEC has opposed and members meetings have inspired our strategy opposing these edicts from the employer.

Since being elected as a member of the GEC it has been a massive learning curve for me, but with the support of colleagues I have been able to play an active role in pushing for our members. I am proud to be a role model for Black members in our Group and in the wider union as Chair of the National Black Members Committee. Left Unity is strong in our movement because we are driven by the members and as we move on the campaigns for the new year it is imperative that same passion is there which you can only get from Left Unity.

Imagine not having a Left Unity GEC, what would we get?

  • There would be no understanding of the interests of our members
  • They would give into management again and again and
  • More interested in factional and petty attacks than focusing on the employer.

That is why this election is so important vital; at this critical moment we need strength and a clear vision how we defend the interests of our members; only Left Unity have those plans.

We need all of us to roll our sleeves up and support the national campaign, now is not the time for the uncertainty that will follow of those that want to attack the GEC and then not have a plan to deliver for our members.

The DWP group is playing an active role in other parts of PCS, including my leadership of the PCS National Black Members Committee.

It’s an honour to be standing for re-election to the GEC (don’t know where the year has gone!) and I look forward to your continued support.