Mohammed Shafiq DWP


The last twelve months have been the most challenging time for our members in the DWP Group, from the impact of the cost of living crisis, to an increased threat of job security, to office closures and rises in bullying and harassment I have been proud to stand with Left Unity as we defend our members and campaign on these issues. We have seen the largest mandate for strike action in our Group and a very successful strike action in February with further sustained and coordinated action in the months to come.

None of this would be possible without the leadership of Left Unity, whilst our opponents have wasted valuable time on unnecessary debates and ways to slow down our campaign, we have been focused on winning for our members. Now more than ever we need to continue on this agreed path and stay united and we can then win.

I have taken on a number of racism related cases across the country, as the People Survey results prove we are seeing an increase in the number of cases of bullying, harassment, and discrimination that we need to address. That is why Left Unity led GEC have put equality at the heart of everything we do. I will continue to campaign for our members and ensure racism and related cases are tackled and members supported.

The next 12 months will be critical to our campaign for fairer pay, better terms and conditions and decent pensions. We cannot do that without a strong Left unity GEC and I urge you all to vote in huge numbers for this group of hard working activists.

Together we can win and together we will win.

As always I am keen to hear your feedback and if you want to get in touch please email