Moe Brasier DWP

For DWP Assistant Secretary

I am seeking election to the post of DWP GEC Assistant Secretary as a Left Unity member. I am a long-standing member of the Corporate Centre TUS, GEC Liaison Officer to the DWP North West Regional Committee & Branch Secretary for DWP North Merseyside. I have been a rep for most of my working life both in the public and private sector. I joined CSA as a call Handler before becoming a team leader. I currently work for the Independent Case Examiner’s office.

I wish to congratulate members and PCS Reps for the outstanding achievement in breaking the voting threshold and delivering the strongest result in the most recent ballot. By doing so, you have given your Left Unity led GEC the mandate to challenge the employer on the most important aspects facing our members today, tackling poor pay following years of austerity, fighting for the return of the pension payments which we have been overpaying for years, and the demand for more staff not less. During meetings with members, I heard that members wanted targeted paid action instead of a return to just one or two days of unpaid action over the period covered by the ballot. Your Left Unity led GEC listened and, as I write this, I wish to thank those members in Liverpool and Doncaster who started the ball rolling and wish those others who are now taking sustained action in areas such as Bolton and Stockport UC Service Centres every success and solidarity as this campaign ramps up. The funding by the rest of us, by way of the levy and the funds achieved by the successful legal action taken by PCS against the DWP, following the removal of Check Off, has ensured that sustained pressure on the employer can be maintained and has limited the financial impact on our members who are struggling through the current economic crisis. The show of support by the rest of the membership on 1 February was nothing short of amazing, members of the public approached us on picket lines with messages of support and the action was well covered in the media. We need to build on this momentum.

We have a government which is in turmoil, has been found to be lying to the country on numerous occasions, which has treated its workforce with distain and refuses to recognise the efforts civil servants made during the pandemic and beyond. As a union we must continue to be well organised and united in every workplace, including when that workplace is also your home.

I, and the rest of the LU candidates, will continue to work with, and listen to, members to achieve the best possible outcomes on the issues that matter.

Support your Union, support the Left Unity and Democracy Alliance candidates in the coming elections.