Megan Hamblin R&C


I have been a member of the union since 2016 becoming an active rep in 2017, I have held many roles at branch level, initially in the equality roles and currently I am the assistant organiser so I have been in the thick of helping my branch get ballot ready and then through the ballot. At group and national level I was active as a young member. 

I am currently on the GEC where I support AGS John Smith with ISBC and BT&C, support DGS John Davidson with Transformation and CS&TD, and act as the liaison between the LGBT+ advisory committee and the GEC.  

Through the last year our members across all areas have been experiencing stress and anxiety caused by the cost of living crisis. It has completely absorbed the pay rise we secured through the pay and contract reform, and we are now set to see about 30% of our staff in HMRC on minimum wage come April.  

Coupled with the stress caused by the crisis, HMRC have been in a recruitment freeze which is adding even more stress onto our members as we deal with business areas expecting the same amount of work to be completed with less staff and in a lot of areas, new systems which are not fit for purpose. 

As we go into the next year we need to ensure that we there is a strong team fighting for our membership. I have been actively fighting for the members of the areas that I cover over the past year and I would like to continue and built on the industrial relations that I am helping to build within the departments I cover. I am a socialist and a member of Left Unity and in order to get the best outcome for our members, I encourage you to vote for the Left Unity slate.