Matt Cunningham DWP

For DWP Organiser

I’ve been a rep since 2009, based in the same workplace: Wrexham Service Centre.

Whilst being a PCS rep I have helped members with their individual personal cases, bargained with managers regarding more widespread issues, recruited new members to the union, attended conference on behalf of my branch and campaigned on a variety of topics. These have ranged from national issues such as pay and pensions to more local issues such as implementation of DWP policy.

I have been the Organiser for the DWP group since May 2019, a rewarding position which sees me help and encourage branches with recruiting new members to PCS as well as retaining those who have been members for some time. In order to have a successful, campaigning trade union which secures good outcomes for its members, there needs to a be a strong, vibrant, large membership behind our negotiators.

That’s why organisation is so important. The more people who are members within DWP group, the more likely it is that our negotiators will be able to help everyone. Since the pandemic started, and before, our Left Unity led negotiation team has shown the skills that prove with an organised membership behind them, anything is possible.

I live in the village of Cefn Mawr in North Wales with my wife, Louise and our three cats, MacReady, Vigo and Ringo.