Matt Brown DWP


Comrades, I am privileged to be standing for re-election to the GEC and welcome my selection for the LU Slate. I am currently a GEC member sitting on the Organisation and Education and Learning and Development committees. I am also Branch Organiser for Edinburgh Lothian & Borders and TU District Health & Safety Lead for East Scotland.

My background in Left and specifically Socialist/Green politics has assisted me in representing our members’ interests during a global pandemic which has further reinforced the view that our department and those who run it care more about box checking than the safety of staff and claimants. I believe I am well placed to continue providing this leadership if elected

Through previous and current campaigning work I have contacts within National, Regional and Local LGBT+ and Reproductive Rights organisations as well as links with Environmental and Anti-Fascist groupsOver the last year I have been proud to be involved in the GEC’s efforts to fight the ongoing attack on conditions by the employer. From safeguarding our members through achieving concessions from DWP regarding Home Working for back of house roles to securing permanency for over 6000 AO FTA Colleagues this GEC has fought hard for our members and we have only been able to do this through the strong leadership of our Left Unity NEC and GEC. This is why I hope you will all join me in recommending and voting for all of the esteemed candidates on the DWP LU slate this year.