Mark Emmerson DWP


I am a lifelong Socialist and long-standing member of Left Unity and have been a union activist for PCS and its predecessor unions for 30 years, discharging my duties in HMRC Group where I held many branch, regional and senior group positions spanning that time, culminating in being an elected AGS for my last 3 years with HMRC.

I’m vastly experienced in negotiating, campaigning, organising, complex personal case work and Health and Safety and bring that experience to DWP Group. Outside of the workplace I am active in supporting community groups and the struggles of other unions.

Hailing from the Northeast and witnessing waves and waves of attacks over the years on public services it’s time to draw a line in the sand and challenge the employer and their masters and to invest in fully funded, good quality public services that provide good standard for our members, both in and out of the workplace. To ensure that the terms and conditions of members are improved so that work is a safe place and members are no longer pay-poor and to continue to build the union within the group so that the GEC is backed up members and activists in the vital work that needs doing.

If successfully elected to the DWP GEC, I will continue to use all my experience and drive to better the lives of PCS members and the wider society.