Mark Byers


I am currently regional organiser for the North East, rep and BEC member for DWP Tyneside & Northumbria branch. I have previously held positions on the Fraud and Error advisory committee and have been a branch organiser for Tyneview park branch. I am proud to be a member of left unity and believe in the democratic values that LU uphold. In my 10 years as a workplace rep and LU member I have been actively involved in many major campaigns including the ending of ‘Check off’, the ongoing pay campaign and most recently action to ensure the safety of members and staff during the current covid crisis. I have been involved at a local and regional level fighting for improved protection and conditions for staff both at work and home working. I genuinely believe that I can contribute in the fight to :-

  • End the senseless churn of short fixed term appointments who are trained then let go
  • Ensure all fixed term appointments are retained and given permanent contracts.
  • End the involvement of recruitment agencies supplying staff to DWP.
  • Move current agency staff onto DWP contracts.
  • Improve and fair rates of pay for all members

There is a continuing insidious and dogmatic push towards the privatisation of public services despite the evidence that this simply does not work. If elected I will fight to:-

  • End the outsourcing of valuable public services.
  • Campaign to bring back services within the department and ensure these workers have genuine representation in the workplace.

I believe the left unity agenda is leading the fight to restore fairness for our members and society as a whole. I believe that our union led by left unity should continue to work inclusively and democratically to make sure members’ voices are heard.

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