Mark Byers DWP


In the 2021 group elections I was elected as a member of DWP GEC. I was appointed as a member of the group O&E committee and as GEC liaison officer for Scotland. I also hold roles as regional organiser for the North East, rep and BEC member for DWP Tyneside & Northumbria branch. I have previously held positions on the Fraud and Error advisory committee and have been a branch organiser for Tyneview park branch. I am proud to be a member of left unity and believe in the democratic values that LU uphold. In my 11 years as a workplace rep and LU member I have been actively involved in many major campaigns including the ending of ‘Check off’.

The departments and governments response to the ongoing pandemic has been woeful. The current GEC has fought hard to protect members from many of the outrageous and frankly dangerous decisions taken by the department.

The current GEC has fought at every opportunity to.

  • Keep hybrid working as an option for many staff
  • Ensure the safety of staff throughout DWP by holding management to account
  • Pushed DWP to make AO FTA staff permanent
  • Inform and update members through national virtual meetings
  • Supported branches and members throughout the last year

However, we are now at a new phase in the department’s handling of the Covid crisis.

We know that there are many more battles ahead as the political push to ‘normality’ picks up pace. I will continue to fight to.

  • Retain all FTA staff on permanent contracts.
  • Stop the forced return to the workplace while the Covid crisis continues
  • Campaign for massive improvements to our pay in the face of a cost of living crisis
  • End the pensions robbery
  • End the outsourcing of work that should be done by civil servants
  • Protect and improve the terms, conditions and workloads of staff in DWP
  • Allow all staff, including front facing roles, access to hybrid/homeworking
  • Allow jobcentre staff have a meaningful choice about they can best support claimants

I genuinely believe that an experienced LU led GEC is the only option to build on the gains we have made. I am proud to be part of that GEC and know that I will continue to work to the best of my ability to support our membership.