Mark Byers DWP


I am currently a DWP GEC member and GECLO for East Midlands region. I am also the current regional chair for the PCS DWP North East, rep, and organiser for DWP Tyneside & Northumbria branch. I have also held positions on the DWP O&E committee and over the last 2 years have been a tutor for the DWP new reps’ course and personal case course. I have been a workplace rep and LU member since 2012.

If re-elected to as a DWP GEC member I will continue to fight for members. I will remain committed to the fight for fair pay and pensions. I will support fully our unions key campaign to address the cost-of-living crisis experienced by our members.

As a GEC member from 2021 I have worked to ensure that we continue to: –

  • Hold our employer to account and robustly challenge them when appropriate
  • Listen to our members and act in their best interests
  • Fully support our current pay campaign and action
  • End the outsourcing of valuable public services
  • Campaign to bring back services within the department and ensure these workers have genuine representation in the workplace
  • Campaign for a just and fair social security system.

The past 3 years have placed an enormous strain on members and reps, not only due to covid but to an increasingly hostile government and employer. On top of this members are facing financial hardship like never before. I have supported and continue to support members through incredibly testing times both at branch level where I am an active workplace rep, In the North East region or in the group via GEC.

In my role as branch organiser and regional organiser I adopted new and innovative approaches to recruitment and TU inductions for new staff. I supported my region and other regions in recruiting new members. I worked with the group organiser to promote and share best practice for recruitment and inductions. The methods that I started in my branch have been widely adopted across the UK as best practice for TU inductions. During the current campaign I worked across my branch and region to make sure we hit the turnout threshold. My Branch is one of the largest in DWP and presented significant challenges during the pre-balloting and balloting period. As branch organiser I worked through the issues methodically, engaged reps and officers and set out a highly organised approach to contacting members in my branch. This approach meant that we hit the threshold and as a large branch contributed to the overall turnout in the ballot. The recent successful ballot is proof that the tactics used and endorsed by our Left Unity led group and NEC were correct for our rank-and-file members.

PCS are a highly regarded, organised, and fighting trade union. Left Unity has been the driving force behind it. I am proud to be a member of Left Unity.

I believe the left unity agenda is leading the fight to restore fairness for our members and society. I believe that our union led by left unity should continue to work inclusively and democratically to make sure members’ voices are heard.