Mark Baker

PCS Public Sector Group – MHCLG PINS branch

I have served for most years on the NEC since 2002. Coming from a smaller Group, it is important that our experiences are brought to the NEC. This is vital to reps in smaller areas.

In a turbulent year, the Covid 19 emergency has transformed our world, but so have important social movements such as Black Lives Matter. These events present both challenges and opportunities for us.

The Democracy Alliance led NEC and our leadership in groups have secured agreements that have kept our members safe during the crisis and now form the basis of longer term changes, but we have not been afraid to lead membership action where it has been necessary, or to make difficult decisions when necessary too. Maintaining an experienced NEC team will be vital and I hope you will continue to support those who have made this possible.

I have been active in the union for over thirty years – the whole of my working life. Nearly all of this time is with the Planning Inspectorate – an Executive Agency of MHCLG, which alongside many other smaller diverse employers are organised in the PCS Public Sector Group.

I have remained a Branch Secretary during my time on the NEC carrying out personal casework, negotiating and organising at a local level, balancing this with a frontline official job in recent years thereby understanding all the pressures that Branch and Group reps are under on an everyday basis.

I have held most Branch roles over the years but also a leading lay pay and conditions negotiator as TUS Secretary in what remains a busy bargaining unit – we have negotiated a range of measures this year to keep members safe during the COVID crisis whilst maintaining the valuable public service role that we provide.

I have also served on various NEC sub-committees including the Finance and International Committees and the South West Regional Committee previously as Chair. Our large and very diverse region has been at the forefront of many of the Union’s national campaigns around pay and against office closures.

Our Democracy Alliance team of candidates combine both newer reps and the vital experience required in leadership as well as being representative of the diversity of our PCS membership.

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