Marianne Owens

I work in HMRC in Cardiff and have been a PCS rep since I began working in the civil service in 2002. Throughout that time I have held many branch positions and am currently Vice Chair of my own branch PCS Revenue & Customs Wales.

I have been a member of the R&C GEC since 2007and an NEC member since 2014. I am also Chair of the Wales Committee.

Outside of PCS I have been active for many years in local campaigns including anti -racism campaigning, refugee support, freedom for Palestine, Abortion Rights, solidarity with the Kurdish people and I have been active in the fight against climate change for many years.

As reps we find ourselves in a world that has in some ways changed beyond recognition in the last two years but it other ways it is exactly the same. The way we work has changed bringing us new challenges to overcome in terms of organisation and finding effective ways to engage our members, but we still face the prospect of a vicious Tory government who are set on making ordinary working class people pay for their crisis and attack the most vulnerable in society.

I’m proud to be part of a trade union that is at the forefront of not just standing up against these attacks on our own members pay and conditions but also plays a leading role in fighting for a better world for everyone with campaigns such as those we have been part of over the last twelve months including our response to COP26 and the legal action we have taken alongside Care for Calais against the dangerous immoral, inhumane and illegal UK Government policy of pushbacks of refugees in the English Channel.

Left Unity has needed to show strong leadership in order to navigate the multiple obstacles and the multiple crisis this government have thrown in front of us.

If elected I will continue to fight for members, to improve pay and conditions, against privatisation, outsourcing and further cuts and redundancies. We must continue to put both organising and equality at the forefront of everything that we do so that we can continue to be a strong force defending and progressing our members interests and seeking to build a better world for everyone.

Another world is possible!

I am a socialist, a member of Left Unity and a member of the Socialist Workers Party.

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