Marianne Owens

I work in HMRC in Cardiff and have been a PCS rep since I began working in the civil service in 2002.  In that time I have held many branch positions and am currently Vice Chair of PCS R&C Wales Branch. I have been a member of the R&C GEC since 2007 and a member of the NEC since 2014. I am also Chair of the Wales Committee. 
Outside of PCS I have been active for many years in local campaigns including anti racism, freedom for Palestine, Abortion Rights, Solidarity with the Kurdish people and active in the fight against climate change. 
As reps we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation having to learn as we go in a world that has changed significantly over the last 12 months. Left Unity has needed to show strong leadership throughout this period and will need to continue to show strong leadership in order to navigate the obstacles that the current multiple crisis of government throw in front of us. 
If elected I will continue to fight for members to improve pay and conditions and against privatisation, outsourcing and further cuts and redundancies.  We must put both organising and equality at the forefront of everything we do over the coming period in order to continue to be a strong force defending and progressing our members interests within HMRC.  I am a socialist and a member of Left Unity and a member of the Socialist Workers Party 

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