Marianne Owens


I’m based in HMRC in Cardiff where I work in the call centre.

I have been active in PCS since joining the Civil Service in 2002. In that time, I have held a range of positions. Currently I am VC of my own branch and Chair of PCS Wales.

I am also a HMRC Assistant Group Secretary, NEC member and member of the Left Unity National Committee and Secretary of Revenue & Customs Left Unity Committee.

I’ve been active in the Trade Union movement for many years as well as being involved in a number of wider campaigns in my local community, including anti racism, refugee support, abortion rights and the environmental movement. I believe in equality and justice for all and I believe passionately that to make the world a better place, we need to bring all these struggles together and fight together.

We face a Tory party in chaos and a revolving door at number 10 as they scrabble to cling to power but what is clear is that the current government, in whatever form, are set on making us as ordinary workers pay the cost of yet another crisis that they have created.

As the list of Tory party scandals gets longer we see them ramping up their racist rhetoric around refugees to deflect our attention away from their tax dodging and corruption while ordinary working class people suffer.

It is a disgrace that almost a third of staff in HMRC will be earning minimum wage in April when the rates rise, a situation that is repeated across all Civil Service departments, we know there is money available as they found hundreds of millions of pounds to dish out to their mates in failed PPE contracts.

PCS members worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to deliver essential public services only to then be hit with not only a pay freeze but further attacks on compensation scheme and pensions, the threat of further job cuts as well as higher tax at a time when the cost of living through out of control inflation has spiralled meaning that many of our members cannot afford food OR heating.

We must fight for an end to the government policies that attack ordinary workers. In order to do this we need a strong LU leadership in PCS who are prepared to work with others both in PCS and across our movement to organise, campaign and mobilise on a mass scale.

The task of uniting across our movement and fighting back has never been more urgent and we must as PCS be at the forefront of the fightback.

I am a member of the Socialist Workers Party and PCS Left Unity & I am a socialist.