Marianne Owens R&C

For Assistant Group Secretary

I’m based in Cardiff and I’ve been active in PCS since joining in 2002. I have held a range of positions.
Currently I am VC of my own branch and Chair of PCS Wales. I am also an AGS, NEC member and member of the Left Unity National Committee.
We face a Tory party in chaos and as they scrabble to cling to power it is clear they intend to make us as ordinary workers pay the cost of yet another crisis that they have created.
PCS members worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to deliver essential public services only to then be hit with not only a pay freeze but further attacks on compensation scheme and pensions, the threat of further job cuts as well as higher tax at a time when the cost of living through out of
control inflation has spiralled meaning that many of our members cannot afford food OR heating.
The task of uniting across our movement and fighting back has never been more urgent and we must as PCS be at the forefront of the fightback.
I am a socialist and a member of Left Unity.