Louise Evans

I have been a committed rep in DWP PCS for 13 years and a member of Left Unity for most of that time. As South West Regional Secretary I have successfully negotiated on a range of issues faced by members in that Region and across Southern. I strongly believe that everything we do should be for the benefit of our members and we have a responsibility to consult with them and do whatever we can to address their concerns at all levels. That’s why I’ve been closely working with branches over the dispute over the proposed late and Saturday opening, ensuring we understood what members wanted and what they were prepared to do to demand they were kept safe at work.

I am proud to have been a member of the Left Unity led GEC for 4 years and during that time we have achieved a great deal. We have campaigned on issues important to members such as Pay, Pensions and Working Conditions I am most proud of our response to the recent crisis – consulting with members and making management think again about extending hours, and doing everything we can to make sure members were kept as safe as possible in their workplaces, whilst pressing for more kit to allow more to work from home.

Next year will be just as hard I am sure and we need a strong Union to continue to work for our members, to prevent the government making them Pay for the crisis that we have sorted the public through. I am seeking re-election to the GEC so that I can be part of that work alongside the others on the Left Unity slate.

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