Lorna Merry

I’ve been on the HMRC GEC since 2006, on the NEC since 2009 and have been President of the HMRC Group since 2014.

This year has seen the importance of the Union in the workplace grow like never before. The pandemic has underlined the importance of the work that our members do like never before and the NEC has worked with Groups to keep members safe and supported in some of the most difficult times we have ever faced.

My Group was the first to agree a protocol for handling suspected infections in the workplace, won off of our willingness to use Section 44 of the Employment Rights Act to tackle unsafe workplaces back in April.

In 2019 my Group, the second largest in PCS, delivered a turnout in the National ballot that beat the 50% threshold. That took hard work and dedication across the Group and we were able to use that result to pressure the employer into meaningful talks on pay and contract reform which left Unity members have used to negotiate a package that offers members real gains as a part of a balanced package.

Those talks have shown a generation of new members what collective bargaining is about and as a result we’ve seen over 1000 new members join PCS from HMRC during January. This shows that our This shows that our Left Unity leadership at group level and Democracy Alliance leadership at National level is building our Union, getting results from our campaigns and taking our Union forward. Please continue to give us your support.

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