Lorna Merry R&C

For R&C Group President

I was elected to the HMRC GEC back in 2006 and have served members as AGS and Deputy President before being elected as Group President in 2014. I have been successful in every election for the Presidency since, leading the Group as it faced the challenged of Union Busting, Office Closures and pay stagnation.

We are in a crisis that is hitting members hard and facing a clueless Tory Government whose policies have made the mess we are in. Our re-ballot is critical to the national strategy, and the Left Unity Leadership held our nerve and listened to Branches, giving us a strong start and, looking at the data we have, the levels of member support we need to take our campaign forward.

But listening has also told us what we need to focus on doing better.

The pandemic and the Regional centres have changed how we work and organise. We have a much smaller number of much bigger Branches, bringing a whole range of new challenges. With an election in the offing, we need to Branches together to build the Group ready for whatever comes under this government and the next. That must be our priority and will be mine.