Lorna Kennedy DWP


My name is Lorna Kennedy and I’ve been a PCS rep for 15 years.  I’m currently Fylde Branch Chair , LGBT advisory committee, North West Regional committee member and District Secretary for Cumbria and Lancashire. 
I work at Blackpool Jobcentre where I’m the Universal Credit IR lead for the branch, I meet management for the 3 Jobcentre and UC Service centre, challenging management with concerns for our members.

I’m an experience personal case rep, Health & safety officer and as an Autistic person I’m passionate about making the workplace more inclusive for all.

I think it’s disgraceful that after the hard work our members put in  through the pandemic, that this present government gives us another pay after 13 years off pay cuts and attacks on pensions and compensation scheme 

Only a strong LU GEC can deliver the pay deal our members deserve. 

If elected, I would focus 

Organising our workplace and recruiting non members to make our union stronger 

Building a strong pay , pensions campaign 

Campaigning all against office closures 

I’m a proud left unity member and socialist. This is my first time standing as LU candidate for the DWP GEC but Previous to joining the DWP Group I was on the R&C GEC member for 4 years. 

Please vote for myself and other left unity comrades 

A strong LU GEC will fight against this Tory government and protect our members pay , pensions and jobs.

Please vote for Left Unity candidates;

President – Martin Cavanagh

Vice Presidents – Angela Grant, Fran Heathcote, Marie McDonough, Ian Pope

Assistant Secretaries – Moe Brasier, Dave Burke, Bridget Corcoran, Liz McGachey, Sarah Morton, Mohammed Shafiq, Steve West

Organiser – Matt Cunningham

Treasurer – Bash Chilwan

Editor – James Meller

GEC – Dave Boucher, Mark Byers, Davina Camadoo, Kate Douglas, Louise Evans, Philip Fowles, Levoy Getton, Lorna Kennedy, Colin Mack, Sammie Mulcahy, Jocelyn McFarlane, Kevin McCafferty, Lindsey Miles, Joe Perry, Jo Pritchard, Carol Revell and Tom Westgarth