Liz McGachey

I am seeking re-election to the National Executive Committee.

I have been a rep and a member of Left Unity for 17 years. I became the first female Chair of the DWP Glasgow Branch in 2015, and have held this position since.

I was elected to the DWP GEC in 2019. I was co-opted to Group Journal Editor role in 2020 and elected to this role in 2021.

I have sat on the PCS Scotland Committee at various periods over a number of years, and was elected as Vice Chair in 2019.

I have been involved in a variety of Equality Committees throughout my time as a rep. I believe our members are the lifeblood of our union, and that we should be representative of all of our members.

I have been involved with Stand Up To Racism since 2019 on behalf of PCS Scotland Committee. I am proud of the work PCS has done alongside SUTR to challenge racism in the workplace and to make our union more representative of our members.

Since my election to the NEC in 2021 I have sat on the Campaigns Committee, Devolved Administrations Committee, National Editorial Board, and the National Women’s Forum.

I am proud to be part of a strong Democracy Alliance led NEC. I strongly believe in our campaign on pay, pensions and the cost of living crisis, and that we have taken the correct course of action at every step of the campaign. Our members deserve a pay rise that not only rewards them for the work they continued to carry out throughout the pandemic, but also allows them to keep up with the cost of living and more. Our members also deserve to be paid back the money they are owed from overpaying into their pensions, not forced to cover the cost of this.

I am extremely proud that our Democracy Alliance led NEC agreed to PCS taking legal action along with Care4Calais against the Home Office Channel boat pushback policy following the deaths of 27 people trying to reach the UK in November. This policy, which we believe is unlawful and morally reprehensible, also impacts on our members in the Border Force and we need to protect them from civil and criminal liability.

Our members need and deserve the strong leadership Democracy Alliance provides, and if re-elected I will continue to work alongside this NEC to build on the work we have started and campaign for our members on all issues.

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