Levoy Getton DWP

For DWP Assistant Secretary

I’ve been an active member of PCS and its predecessor union for more many years; and rep for more than 10 years. I’m currently serving as a member on the CFCD Advisory committee to the GEC; I’m also Branch Secretary and Equality Rep for DWP Avon and the Equality Rep for the Southwest Region. As the convenor for the Southwest Black members I am on PCS National Black Members Committee.

As an activist and proud member of Left Unity, I am proud of my record of standing up for members and the successes I have helped to achieve locally, including setting up ER meetings with management who had previously not been willing to  consult with the union locally. In DWP we have continued the campaign which has kept members safe during the coronavirus pandemic, demanding safer working in offices, more IT equipment delivered to members faster in order for them to work safely from home. Our Left Unity led GEC have continued to push for risk assessments not only for our BAME staff and our Black members but for all staff and all members. Left Unity has a proven record on equality and is always at forefront in the fight against racism and rising Islamophobia.

I am proud to be in Left Unity under whose leadership the GEC and national union has been relentless in fighting for more staffing and retaining staff with temporary contracts, better terms and conditions as well as working with the national union on fair pay and protecting our pensions. Our continuing safety dispute gained valuable concessions to keep members safe again it was the Left Unity leadership that set the agenda forcing the DWP to rethink their plans which allowed many to work safely from home. Our work continues to keep members and all staff safe.

Reps from across the union, regardless of political alignment, have worked together throughout the coronavirus crisis and delivered for members which is to everyone’s credit. I am looking to build on this activity and to increase all members’ involvement and activism both locally and nationally. I am currently setting up a women’s committee for DWP Avon Branch and finalizing a regional equality group to increase activity and participation of our members locally.

I am determined to help a Left Unity led PCS secure more for members; better pay, decent pensions, our aims are simple, fairness, respect, and equal treatment in the workplace for all. It saddens me to see an increase number of our members and non-members having to resort to 2nd jobs and food banks to survive We deserve and must demand better; I am proud to work alongside leading comrades in Left Unity at DWP Group level to continue to pursue our shared aims.

I am seeking election to the DWP GEC as Group Assistant Secretary this year, to continue to fight for fairness for members and in society, and to continue to fight for our member’s rights and support my Left Unity GEC comrades

 Thank you 

Levoy Getton