Kevin McCafferty DWP


I’ve been a PCS activist for 21 years and a member of LU since my first National Conference in 2003. Over the years I have been a Branch Rep, Branch Organiser, Health and Safety officer, Union Learning Rep, DWP Group Executive Committee member and Ops TU Secretary. As a member of the GEC it has also been my privilege to be able to run courses to train a number of Reps on the New Reps course and on the Personal Case’s Course.

 I am proud to be a member of a group that I believe hasn’t just shown leadership within PCS but in the wider Trade Union Movement throughout the years.

I firmly believe that we can never lose sight of the fact that members and their issues are why we are TU Representatives and why we need a strong Leadership so we can deliver for them. That’s why I believe that the current LU Leadership and those who have been nominated by LU are key to our way forward, as our record shows that we can be trusted to deliver for members. 

I am proud of the role that the DWP Group have played in the National Campaign with strongly supported targeted action so far in Liverpool, Doncaster, Bolton, and Stockport.

Despite the arbitrary 50% threshold set by this Government in their anti-trade union legislation our LU led leadership’s strategy broke through that to allow us to fight against the below inflation pay rise. The success of our targeted action so far shows that members support the National Campaign strategy and appreciate that it is designed to cause the minimum financial sacrifice to members while causing the most disruption. It is of the greatest importance that PCS show strong and compassionate leadership whilst causing the least amount of financial sacrifice.

I am therefore seeking to continue my work on the GEC along with my LU colleagues to further the fight for better pay and conditions, to ensure staff safety and to organise members in our struggle.

Recruiting new members to the union, including those joining DWP for the first time, will be key to ensuring we build our strength and our voice for members at work. I will work to ensure that every new entrant into the Department is not only asked to join PCS but is shown why it’s so important they are part of the fight for their interests at work. 

Only where we have good organisation and good reps speaking up for members can we continue to win concessions. I as part of Left Unity am determined to ensure we have both in DWP. 

Please vote for me and the other Left Unity candidates in the forthcoming DWP Group election under the leadership of the current Group President Martin Cavanagh.