Kate Douglas DWP


I am privileged to stand as a Left Unity Candidate for the GEC.
I am currently a serving GEC member and am on the CMG and CFCD operations Trade Union Side where we have successfully argued for more staff and improved risk assessments.
I also help tutor new reps and the personal cases course.
I am a socialist, member of the SWP, and a lifelong trade unionist. I started work in East London at Stratford unemployment benefit office and currently work at Oxford Jobcentre. I became a rep within months of starting and have held various positions over the years. I am now my branch chair and regional secretary.
I am a committed ant-racist and anti- fascist and am active in Stand up to Racism. We cannot allow the bosses to divide us and scapegoat migrants and attack our trans brothers and sisters. The only way to win a decent pay rise and a welfare state that is fit for purpose is to stand and fight together.