Karen Watts

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In these unprecedented times, whole families have been devastated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a union we’ve had to respond quickly and adapt to support members both at home and in the workplace. That continues. 

Government departments have slashed budgets and squeezed members’ jobs, terms and conditions and rights in the workplace. Departments remain under pressure to continue these cuts by a government, whose actions are not based on economic need but on an ideological hatred for public servants and services and the unions who represent them. Nothing we have fought for, believe in or value is immune. 

If re-elected I will continue to work to build our union so that we can successfully deliver tangible improvements to members’ working lives including: 

  • Building a successful campaign over pay, the attacks on pensions, including the pensions valuation process and the overpayment of our pension contributions, alongside proposed detrimental changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.
  • Campaigning for a properly resourced civil service and public services and a working environment where member health and safety is prioritised and protected. No member must be disadvantaged by any issue directly or indirectly arising from the pandemic.
  • Opposing office closures, privatisation, off-shoring and centralisations
  • Demanding no forced redundancies or redeployments, no cuts to redundancy rights and ending age discrimination for members approaching retirement.
  • Ending discriminatory sickness absence policies which encourage presenteeism and exacerbate already stressful conditions members find at work.
  • Arguing for permanent jobs not fixed term and zero hours contracts and an end to the two-tier workforce that exists in the civil service and commercial sector.
  • Promoting solutions to climate change

In taking this forward, I will ensure hard earned subscriptions are managed wisely and profitably with services to members prioritised and protected, with advice tailored to members’ specific needs and circumstances. Teamwork is an essential part of strength, which is why I stand as part of the Democracy Alliance. This team has the knowledge and skills, essential for the challenging year ahead. We face the fight of our lives. Please support me and the Democracy Alliance; Vote for strong, progressive, experienced leadership that delivers PCS policies for our members.

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