Joshua Rampton


I am running to be the young members’ representative on our National Executive Committee. 

I am employed by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman working to ensure procedural justice for adults, young people and migrants in custody. I am currently seconded to the Cabinet Office in a team conducting an independent review into the treatment of LGBTQIA+ people in the armed forces pre-2000.

I am a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I also have caring responsibilities and a disability of my own. This means I have some lived experience of some of the difficulties our members face, even without the current climate. 

I have a relatively short history of union activism as I was only able to join one two years ago. However, I have a long history of activism against the same injustices unions have been fighting since they came into existence. 

This fight we are in is about more than our individual pay and conditions, important as they are.

It is about more than our individual thoughts and beliefs, as important as they are.

It is about more than just our union, as important as it is. 

It is about our whole movement. 

Our country is broken and the people who broke it are holding the pieces and desperately trying to throw them at the feet of anyone but themselves. 

Trade unions and their “bosses”, migrants “invading” our coast, “dangerous” LGBTQIA+ people. Take your pick. 

We must continue to stand in solidarity with other unions and ensure the most effective opposition to efforts to return working people to the status of chattel, owned and disposed of by plutocrats. 

If elected, I will:

– Work to help secure the conditions, pay, and protections our members deserve

– Prioritise my role as a representative of our young members

– Stand in solidarity with all marginalised people, always

I will also support Mark Serwotka as General Secretary and Fran Heathcote as National President. A united leadership, working with them is vital, if we are to effectively resist more attacks. As a Socialist and PCS Left Unity member, I ask you to vote for the Democracy Alliance.