John Smith R&C

For Assistant Group Secretary

You have elected me to the position of AGS for the last 8 years and I am asking for your support again this year.

This last 2 years has been very difficult for members with the increased cost of living crisis. It has also shown though how important it is to have a strong PCS leadership in HMRC who will fight for a fair pay deal.

I was part of the team leading negotiations on Covid 19 and we acted with speed and foresight to protect our members in the workplace. We managed to negotiate that the majority of members would work from home and for those who needed to attend the office we made sure there was a safer working environment. HMRC acted quicker than any other government department to the Covid 19 crisis and that was down to the swift interventions of PCS

In this current year it is important that we focus on making our members working lives in the office and at home a better experience, with more control in the hands of the staff who are doing the job, and less dependence on electronic management and scheduling.

It is also important that we extend further protections for our members by negotiating the following:

  • • Ensure members are only asked to work unsocial hours where there is a demonstrated business case for it.
  • • ensure that there adequate staffing levels throughout HMRC and fight for an end to the recruitment freeze which is causing so may issues
  • • ensure that software that HMRC invest in are actually fit for purpose and allow our members to carry out their roles without the added stress of dealing with packages like Odigo and AUI.
  • • Ensure that there is a national agreement covering all HMRC staff that incorporates all the key principles of the MIS Agreement. Putting an end to our members being monitored every hour of the day.
  • • Protect FWH and ensure there is a clear no core time agreement for all who have the contractual right to flexible working.

I am a member of Left Unity and would urge you to vote for all Left Unity Candidates