John Lynch R&C


I am proud and honoured to be standing with Left Unity for the GEC. I am a Socialist and have been a supporter of Left Unity and activist in PCS for over 25 years. I am Branch Secretary of Merseyside Branch and I have since 2013 successfully helped manage the merger of three Liverpool branches with Bootle Branch to become the biggest branch in HMRC.

LU leadership in HMRC has protected members in the workplace securing protection on attendance throughout the Covid Pandemic, redundancy avoidance protocols, 2 days working from home, removal of attendance trigger points, bringing agency workers in house and securing for the first time contractual flexible working.

However, we need to do more to protect members from excessive workloads and we must push HMRC management in Customer Service Group to only ask staff to work late evenings and weekends when there is a clear business need to do so. In Business Tax especially staff have faced constant change and have been moved around so much these last 4 years that many staff leave or are retiring early due to the stress from lack of training and support.

If elected I will fight to protect our members and make the workplace a better place to work.