John Livingstone


For PCS National Executive Committee (NEC)

I have been a member of PCS and predecessor unions for the last 35 years. I am a member of Glasgow DWP, PCS branch. I am currently the Branch Chair of that branch and I am also The DWP Scotland Regional Chair.

I believe the experience I have in negotiations with Regional DWP Directors on a regular basis, gives me the credentials to sit on the PCS NEC as a member of that body. I believe that my experience in campaigning for and representing members on a daily basis, is something I can bring to the NEC.

PCS members in our government departments, at all levels nationally are enduring an onslaught of unprecedented attacks on our Pay, Pensions, terms and conditions from the Government and governing departments. This coupled with the ongoing cost of living crisis and unprecedented rises

in fuel bills, has left our members needing the most experienced leadership in this trade union to tackle this government’s policies, which affect our members every day of the week. Our employers have made it clear that they are unwilling to ask the Government to amend their policies on Pay and address the Pensions issues of monies owed to our members, hence we have taken collective action to protect our members, as per mandate at PCS Annual Delegate Conference in 2022.

I believe that we require a Democracy Alliance led PCS NEC to continue to take the fight to all parties responsible for the issues our members face in our workplaces, and in wider society. I wish to be part of the work the NEC engage in, to help benefit all our members in PCS.

With inflation rates at 10%

Interest rates sitting at 4%

Household fuel prices increasing again.

PCS members increasingly relying on state benefits to survive, then our members in PCS require experienced representation to repel these issues and serve the members of this trade union, with the problems relating to the Cost of Living Crisis generally .

The recent actions started by the membership of PCS, to take the fight to improve our salaries by 10%, insist on repayment of stolen pension contributions and to be part of the Trade Union fightback against cuts to our departments and public services in society, is best placed in the hands of a Democracy Alliance led, PCS Trade Union I am a Left Unity member and urge members to vote for all Left Unity/Democracy Alliance members in this election.

John Livingstone