John Jamieson

Full Democracy Alliance nomination list

I’ve been an activist / union representative since 1983. I work for the Land Registry in Scotland which is part of the Devolved Scottish Government Sector.

Currently one of the Vice Chairs of the Scottish Sector and Branch Secretary at Registers of Scotland a discrete bargaining area means I have a long experience of industrial bargaining on Pay, Jobs and Terms and Conditions of Employment with Senior Civil Servants and Ministers in Scottish Government.

I am a member of the Scottish Socialist Party, where we do not accept the rich get richer, whilst many are choosing between heating or eating and foodbanks are stretched to the limit. First and fore-most though, I have never lost track of the fact that I am a worker and a socialist and that everything that can be gained by industrial bargaining is entirely dependent on the strength of our members in Branches, Bargaining areas and Nationally.

The current Indicative Ballot is a good example of this. The Government in Westminster don’t respond to logic and reason, recent events indicate that they don’t appear to observe the law and therefore to compel them to treat us fairly we have to do something stronger. The Government believe the current laws in place on industrial ballots, mean unions cannot act, regardless of how they treat us. An indicative ballot will not lead directly to strike action, but if successful will show we have the potential to industrially challenge the Government. If we can metaphorically shake our fists at the Government by having a successful indicative ballot, this gives the National Union leverage and challenges Governments complacency about laws in place to stop unions defending members.

This NEC election is important because, for Left Unity, it is about building our union, making it stronger, taking members with us in order to take back what we have lost through austerity and years of neglect by successive Governments. We are out of Europe, therefore many of the functions of Government undertaken by Europe have to be tackled by Civil Servants. We want a reinvigorated Civil Service, one where workers have pride in doing public good.

You have the power elect an NEC whose focus is to change the miserable place the Civil Service has become, only you collectively with other members can put pressure on the Government to treat us reasonably and with dignity. You are our focus, please elect us as your leadership. Together, we are stronger.

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