John Jamieson

I am standing in this election as a current NEC member with over 30 years experience as an activist in a period of time I’d never have imagined which has brought out the best in the working Civil Servants and has unfortunately exposed the worst in the current Government.

The Government have been in turn absolutely dependent on Civil Servants to retain the integrity of the economy and protect jobs, but shortly before the second lockdown when the situation appeared to be turning exposed their truer nature, attempting to force Civil Servants back to work in city centre offices to prop up the local economies, as unconcerned for staffs health & safety as WWI generals were sending wave after wave of British working class soldiers over the trenches into a hail of bullets and high explosives.

The current Democracy Alliance NEC have worked hard to protect the safety of members, pushed the boundaries of the law using Section 44 to protect workers safety in offices or to maintain staff working from home.

If there has been one thing that Covid 19 has exposed, it is the tragic failure of the Government to give working people real protection. The UK has one of the highest mortality rates from Covid, where the Prime Minister, a populist and opportunist, was seldom seen on media briefings (only a more recent development because other leaders in the UK have stepped up and appeared more competent for doing so) effectively chucking his own Ministers under a bus for that in order to avoid being associated with bad news.

Another revelation is that when the Government need money, there is suddenly money in abundance. Not that they have found a magic money tree, they have effectively printed more money, where there will be hell to pay at the end of this – it will be working people who will pay for it! Another hideous feature of the Government has been their propensity for them to reward the Tory party faithful and contributors with jobs they are not qualified to do and for them to run PPE contracts they had previously been unconnected to, bringing with it misappropriation of public monies on a massive scale.

Civil Servants pay has been on a downward spiral for years and the Westminster Governments announcement of a public sector pay freeze clearly shows that after we were so desperately needed and with a continuation of office closures and job cuts, we are cast aside. The current medical emergency has underlined the fact that the stakes are raised, on pay, on jobs, and on basic health & safety, where going to your work should not be a life or death situation.

I am a socialist and member of the Scottish Socialist Party and I urge you to vote for the Democracy Alliance candidates in this election who have only one objective in mind – to get you to the other side of this Covid-19 crisis and ensure that you are rewarded for the amazing work Civil Servants have performed during this crisis where improved pay, job security and investment in the public sector are a better cure to what ails this country rather than robber barons siphoning off cash for their pals. There has never been more reason for you to vote Democracy Alliance in these NEC elections.

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