John Davidson R&C

For R&C Deputy Group Secretary

I would be honoured if you gave me your vote to continue as your candidate for Deputy Group Secretary, a role I have been elected to since 2015.

The last year has again been a challenge with the ongoing pandemic, cost-of-ling crisis and politicised attacks on civil servants.

Despite this, I have contributed towards some real gains for members including:

Reversing Office Closure Decisions, saving thousands of jobs including those in East Kilbride

A humane return to the office, with protections for those members who are unable to return

Enshrining home-working and hybrid working as business as usual

Establishing an industrial relations framework in some of the newer and less established areas of HMRC for PCS such as Transformation

Securing compensation payments and other victories for members in personal cases

I have been active on the GEC since 2008, leading campaigns and negotiations over office closures, industrial relations, Customer Services, CS&TD, and Transformation amongst others.

I hold an Employment Law Diploma and represent members in complex personal cases. I remain a committed, democratic socialist