Joe Perry DWP


I have been an active part of PCS majority of my working life and I am asking for your support to the post of GEC. I am an active committed socialist and a LU member.

I am active within the local branch as Assistant Secretary and experienced personal case rep, regionally as Branch Delegate, nationally as a member of the Child Maintenance Advisory Committee and on the Editorial Board. I’m proactive in supporting members issues be that the need for above inflation pay increases for all members, fighting against inequality, bringing outsourced workers back into the Civil Service and pushing for a more environmentally sustainable future. My current roles allow me to represent the interests of members individually and as part of the wider collective. This role if elected would give me the opportunity to represent members interests at a national DWP level.

Left Unity have been at the forefront of fighting for members rights within DWP and the wider Civil Service opposing government cuts, campaigning for equal pay, defending civil service pensions, and fighting inequality at every turn.

If elected I will the same dedication to members issues nationally that I do locally. This involves being active in campaigns for pay, fighting for members terms and conditions and representing the interests of everyone.