Jocelyn McFarlane DWP


I am asking for your support in my election onto the Group Executive Committee. I have been a member since I joined the department in 1992 and became a rep approximately ten years later. My decision to become a rep was driven by watching a long standing respected North East of England rep going in to daily ‘battle’ to support the members what appeared to me to be alone. Of course, she wasn’t, but in a big site at that time she was alone, and I wanted to help and be a part of the solution and not the problem. Since then I have become the North East of England Health and Safety Officer supporting members at that position since 2013. I work from site level supporting reps and management in working to achieve the best standards of H&S for all staff on our sites. The committee’s I joint chair (district and regional) have become more productive in working together in the best interests of the staff. I became the City of Sunderland’s branch Chair in 2019 and have just this year been elected to the position of Work Services Directorate Advisory rep. My job role as a Universal Credit Work Coach has me well placed to keep in touch with the changes and issues that are affecting our members within the Jobcentres as well as building good relationships with the regions reps in benefit delivery, UC Service Centre’s and Pension Centre’s I have built up a respected working relationship with our district management lead for Northumberland Tyne and Wear and North East of England Regional management to progress site issues in a timely manner and act as the SPOC for both.

In the last two years I have worked closely with reps building on good communications with the objective to support one another in the interests of our members and establishing a network to improve our knowledge. I have utilised the new communications we have at our disposal to help bring us all together more efficiently with minimal delay to get things done. My commitment to the H&S advisory committee has never been more important in the battles we have all faced since the start of the pandemic in ensuring we get the best working environment we can for not only our members but for all DWP staff.

If elected into this position I will continue to act in the best interests of our members and be a part of a strong union team as I am very proud to be a part of in my current roles alongside my trusted comrades in City of Sunderland Branch and beyond.