Jocelyn McFarlane DWP


I am asking for your support in my re-election onto the Group Executive Committee. I’m a socialist and a member of Left Unity. Since being elected onto the GEC, I have been supporting members within my role of Group Executive Committee Liaison Officer for the North East of England, building effective working relationships within the region’s branches. This past year has been focused on supporting the branches in elevating and upskilling one another into a strong working region. I have established better working communication to ensure all our members are kept informed via all means at our disposal.

PCS members are facing real hardships in the current climate being given the lowest ‘Pay Award’ across the Public Sector. I will continue, if re-elected, to work with our strong Left Unity leadership in the campaign for better pay, pensions and conditions. The organised, well-structured approach to our current campaign is the only way to put pressure on our employer to give us results and we need you, the membership, to stand strong together with our current union leaders.

I have been the North East of England’s H&S Officer for ten years representing DWP staff in all H&S matters at all levels up to regional committees, building effective working relations with the employer. I will continue to press for improvements in adherence to matters of H&S. As Branch Chair of a strong proactive branch, I will continue working in the best interest of our members, meeting with the employer and relentlessly pressing for effective consultation on matters that effect you directly.

I have and will continue to support the GEC in the many challenges faced regarding staff health, welfare, and safety, and will fight for better Pay and Pensions using all the means at our disposal. I will ensure we stay in touch with our membership and encouraging engagement in our campaigns. Now more than ever the membership must be heard by the employer, in your dissatisfaction of the poorly paid but crucial work we undertake, and the disgraceful robbery of our pensions.

If re-elected I will continue to act in the best interests of our members and all DWP staff under Health, Safety and Wellbeing and be active as part of a strong union team giving my full support to our LU members and General Secretary Mark Serwotka, National President Fran Heathcote and DWP Group President Martin Cavanagh.