Jo Pritchard DWP


My name is Jo, I am 24 years old and proud to be standing on the PCS Left Unity slate for the 2023 DWP group elections. 

I have been employed with DWP since I was 18 years old as a Universal Credit Case Manager and I have recently begun studying part time for my undergraduate degree in Criminology and Law. 

Since becoming the Young Members Officer for my branch almost 2 years ago, I have only become more involved in organising and campaigning with no plans of slowing down any time soon! 

PCS leads the way in advocating for fair pay for all UK government workers, defending occupational pensions in the public sector, combatting discrimination in all forms, protecting the livelihoods of thousands of staff and fighting to secure the future of their workplaces. 

There is no success or progression without the key involvement of our valued members and a Left Unity led PCS prioritises member engagement and co-operation to achieve this.

I am deeply passionate about young workers issues and equality issues, myself being a young mixed race civil servant who openly speaks on their mental health struggles.

Elected or not, my goals remain the same – to increase the membership & involvement of young workers in PCS, create nurturing spaces for young members to participate in healthy debate & supportive discussion, and encourage an environment of friendship and mentorship between new and experienced PCS reps. 

I hope my Left Unity colleagues and I can count on your vote. If elected, I know we will continue to do right by you. Solidarity!