Jimmy Gill

I have been a trade union activist since 1980 and a PCS rep for 22 years. I am an NEC member, Vice Chair of PCS Wales, Chair of PCS in DWP Wales, Cardiff and District DWP Chair and my local office representative.

This has probably been the most difficult year at work that most of us can remember. And yet despite the loyalty and hard work of public servants we are rewarded with a pay freeze. Even the applause has stopped!

We have had to fight off aggressive and gung ho! employers who have demanded that we place ourselves in dangerous situations in order to do work that is marginal or just totally non-essential.

The pandemic has also given us the opportunity to look at how we work as a union and helped us to question established norms. I certainly hope that we can modernise some of our practices, technology has allowed us to be more responsive, faster and with less wasted time and fewer expenses. This approach is something I believe we should build on and explore.

I am very proud to be part of a union that stands up for public services and public servants. Our members can see that the battle for fairness at work cannot be won ‘in theory’. Now, is possibly our best opportunity to invest in our new members to develop a layer of activists and future leaders. Younger workers who cannot get a foot on the bottom rung of the economic ladder are less interested in how conferences are conducted, they care about the conclusions.

Unlike the homogenised thinking of many other NEC candidates The Democracy Alliance slate is a group of people who are able to address attacks on our members as they are made. Just like the employer we must be able to be ‘agile’ and ‘pivot’ to address the next issue. I believe that our candidates are the ones who can deliver.

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