Jas McGuinness


I have been a member of PCS and its predecessor union CPSA since 1995. Since that time, as well as being a local rep I have held the following posts

Branch Secretary 1998 – Date

Branch Health and Safety Officer 2014 – Date

Private Sector Members Association Vice-President 2017 – Date

National Executive Committee 2021 – Date

I am a Socialist and a member of Left Unity and am standing for re-election to the National Executive Committee. I have served on the NEC for the past two years and over that period I believe that our union has become stronger under the Leadership of the Democracy Alliance. We have worked tirelessly to deliver for our members by delivering the campaigning fighting union we have pledged to our members over the last number of years.

We are striving to deliver on greater democracy within our union, to have more members being involved in the electoral process to ensure that we all have a say in the running of the union. We are working with our Legal Department to open access to our solicitors to more lay Reps, and to make it easier for those reps to obtain the legal advice they need. In response to motions carried at National Delegate Conference in 2021 by our elected delegates.

For the first time ever, and by using new tactics in the vote, we have beaten the government’s 50% cap to deliver industrial action for our members in over 120 employer groups within the civil service, where we have been using targeted action to keep the momentum going and delivering a hugely successful day of all out action on the first of February with several of our sister unions. At the time of writing we are reballotting in HMRC and several other government departments so that the next planned national day of strike action on the 15th of March will be even bigger and more successful than the last. Whilst continuing with targeted action in various departments, made possible by the innovation of a levy to enable us to deliver full strike pay to our striking members on targeted action.

In the Private Sector too, PCS under Democracy Alliance leadership has delivered for our members winning for our members in Royal Parks, HGS and Mitie

I ask for your vote for myself and the other members of Democracy Alliance on your ballot paper, We are the people who have been delivering and will continue to deliver for you, the members.

Please vote for



Vice Presidents

Cavanagh, David, Green, McHugh


Alderson, Baker, P. Brown, Corcoran, Cox, Dando, Flynn, Gantschuk, Harney, Hewitt, Hylton, Jackson, Jamieson, Keenan, Lawther, Livingstone, McGachey, McGuinness, Merry, Morton, Owens, Pope, Rampton, Shafiq, Smith, Thorley, Watts, Wesley, Williams.