Indu Battu R&C


I have been an active PCS rep since 2019. I became active when the opportunity arose whilst representing the newly formed Inland Pre Clearance (IPC) warehouse in Hayes. I have been instrumental in being the voice for members within IPC and building strong relationships with the employee relation side in bringing issues and concerns raised over the years. I have led and recruited PCS reps and advocates in the workplace, which also gave them a voice for our members. Together we have worked to bring many changes with the way we work from introducing Flexible working within the shifts, assisting members with part time contracts and collaborating with the Senior Leadership Team to bring to the forefront my passion about fair treatment in the workplace and a better place to work for all.
I have taken the role of PCS H&S rep and completed the relevant training on Health and Safety Law. The knowledge has given me confidence to carry out my role with so much support from my PCS colleagues. My current role involves meeting with our local managers about the workplace issues affecting the members. I really enjoy talking to members and hearing about their issues and concerns, and then having the opportunity to make a positive difference to their working lives. Being a rep has also helped me to gain skills and experience such as chairing meetings, learning about Employment Law and how to negotiate.
I jointly work with Border Force colleagues and third-party logistics based on site supporting meetings and forums to ensure all safety concerns identified together are escalated and resolved at the earliest opportunity. During my role as H&S rep, I have dealt with issues relating to stress, near miss and reviewing Risk Assessments to keep our work environment safe. During the pandemic, I worked effectively with the BRM and SLT to ensure all members attending site were fully protected. Together we monitored the cleaning on site and all members were happy to attend the workplace with the enhanced cleaning in operation. I have led on IPC, working with our network of reps across the 2 sites to represent the members in their location and the union side has gone from strength to strength.
I have been elected as GEC member last year and have been supporting the H&S portfolio including attending meeting with the Estate Team, Inland Border Facility and supporting ISBC DTUS meetings. This opportunity to work with GEC colleagues and branches has helped to build our union. I have also been part of the Women’s Advisory Committee and Black Members Advisory Committee. I was able to escalate issues to ensure IPC members were part of any HMRC wider proposals which at time we were forgotten as we are a specialist site and not a Regional Centre.
I am a socialist and a member of Left Unity.