Ian Lawther

I work in HMRC in Nottingham and I am an Assistant Group Secretary in the PCS Revenue & Customs (R&C) Group. I am chair of the R&C East Midlands Branch and sit on the Midlands Regional Committee.

I have been an active trade union member and activist since the late 1980s with over 25 years’ experience as a union Rep with PCS and legacy unions, supporting , defending and representing members’ interests and campaigning for improvements in pay, terms, and conditions. Over many years I have been active in multiple campaigns to defend and further the interests of our members across all sectors of our community and have been active in the anti-racism movement.

Over the last 2 years we have been confronted by unprecedented challenges to how we lead our lives both at home and in work. Civil and public Servants have been at the forefront of delivering the essential services that have kept the UK running and have supported the public, with little real recognition. As a socialist and member of Left Unity I am proud of all our union has done, and continues to do, to support and defend our members interests, campaigning for improvements and working to keep our workplaces safe; against the Government’s direction of travel.

I am standing for the NEC so that I can put my experience to good use, as part of the Democracy Alliance team, to assist in the fight to improve members’ pay and conditions, against privatisation and the outsourcing of jobs, against further cuts and redundancies, to keep our workplaces safe, and for the recognition every one of our members deserve, right across the entire Civil Service and in our commercial sectors.

I encourage you to use your vote in these elections and to vote for the Democracy Alliance candidates.