Hywel Morgan R&C


I work in  DM in Cardiff and have been active in PCS since I joined the Civil Service in 2011.

 I am currently President of R&C Wales Branch and have been on the GEC for three years.

As President of one of the largest R&C branches I have a wealth of experience in case work, organising and negotiating at a local level.

As a GEC member I have negotiated on a wide ranging issues across CSG. Over the last year on the GEC I have lead negotiations across SRRT and COD. I believe that with this experience I would continue to be an asset to the GEC.

The biggest fight we face over the coming year will undoubtedly come from a weak but vicious government who are determined to punish ordinary workers for the mess they have made of the economy whilst they continue to stuff the pockets of their rich mates with wealth that they are transferring out of the public sector through privatisation and dodgy contracts. We need to resist this by any means necessary up to and including linking our struggle with the struggles of other sectors and unions and fighting back together.

To do this we need a strong union with a strong fighting GEC.

If elected I will fight to improve terms and conditions, equality and pay. I am a socialist and member of left unity, I have also been involved in number of local campaigns in Wales such as fighting racism & refugee solidarity for several years.