Hector Wesley

In the past year reps in PCS have worked tirelessly to support members during the most challenging period in living memory. As an NEC member it has been a priority of mine to ensure that the union is effectively supporting local reps. At the outset of pandemic, I asked that all PCS bargaining areas provide a report detailing the challenges they faced.

PCS has to continue challenging the government on its mishandling of the pandemic and its mismanagement of public services. I remember the message given to public servants last autumn to “go back to the office or lose your job”. That was suddenly reversed when a national lockdown was imposed.

Within my own organisation we have had mass redundancies during 2020 as well as mass recruitment and increasing use of agency staff and contractors.

“Equality is at the heart of everything will do” is a phrase that is often used within PCS. However we can’t be complacent and assume that this always happens. In the past year I and others have had to confront unacceptable behaviour that I thought had been left behind decades ago. I have also had to defend PCS from accusations that the union is almost as much to blame as the employer for discrimination within the workplace.

I firmly believe that Democracy Alliance is best placed to provide continuing effective leadership of PCS.

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