Hector Wesley

I’ve been a PCS National Executive Committee member for a number of years and I have always recognised the privilege of having a leadership role in this union.

I am seeking re-election because as we hopefully come out of the pandemic, our members face numerous challenges. I would like to contribute to how the union addresses them.

Our union will need to adapt to a greater degree of hybrid working. I have a keen interest in ensuring that the digital tools used by PCS, in particular the website and PCS Digital, are fully accessible for members with reasonable adjustment requirements.

PCS has always opposed injustice within the workplace and in wider society. I am currently challenging HMRC over their apparent policy of only prosecuting tax fraud – including dishonest furlough claims – in “the most egregious” cases.

I was proud to offer support to members in dispute during the past year. I was particularly pleased that members working for Just Ask in the Royal Parks won their dispute. Some of these members have told me that because the way their pay is calculated they have no certainty from one month to the next how much they will be paid. I have been told that this is a common practice within their industry. Such practices have to be outlawed.

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