Hannah David

The last year has forced us to adapt the way we work, changing our needs and our expectations from our employers and from our union. I have led meetings, rally’s, and Tolpuddle Festival from my Livingroom. In the South West we have strengthened and widened our network and moving forward I want to learn from these changes and take the best of bits into building a more flexible, fair, green way of working.

As a long-standing member of the PCS Culture Group Executive I have supported members in repeated and continued stands against the worst attacks on jobs and conditions, such as at the Tate and National Museum of Wales. I want to help ensure the Culture Group, and its many unique branches (recognised and unrecognised, private and public workers, many with ongoing struggles) are well represented on the NEC and supported by the whole union. I have been involved with the National Women’s and Disabled Members Equality Groups and for me it is a priority that we continue to learn from and to encourage diverse representation in our union at every level.

I have gained a lot of experience in the south west region as an Executive member and Chair and through involvement with community groups. I want to make sure members feel like they are part of the wider union, building on the success we have had in training up new Advocates and encourage more active involvement in PCS.

I was elected to South West TUC Executive as a Young Member and am now Chair – I have benefited from being encouraged to participate and to value my voice. Having learnt a lot and been encouraged by many, I will continue to do all I can to support the growth and involvement of other members inside PCS and in the wider movement, especially those who are less well represented. Working with other unions in campaigning together is what our movement is all about.

As part of the South West TUC I have helped with many campaigns, including for the real Living Wage and greener cities, and I know that some of our biggest wins can only be achieved working and campaigning together. I have studied a TUC Women in Leadership course and seen first-hand the importance of unions offering continued learning opportunities. The online learning offers we now have should be continued and extended to allow more people to benefit.

If you elect me as an NEC member, I will help to grow the union and build its voice in the SW, the Culture Group and elsewhere. I will fight to bring all Civil Service jobs back into the public sector, for the National Pay Campaign, for our pensions and the Civil Service Competition Scheme. I will work to encourage new members and to enable more active members. I will continue working to build unity in the union and in the wider movement so we can work together to achieve our goals.

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