Hannah David

For Vice President

I ask again for your support to be elected as Vice President. I am an experienced activist within the union movement, and I am proud to have served the last year as National Vice President, Vice President of the Culture Group, and Chair of the South West Region for PCS and the TUC and as Branch Secretary.

I have represented members and at all levels and I know the importance of us being a democratic, member led union. I am proud to have supported us to be a fighting union, as we must continue to be. As a long-standing member of the Culture Group Executive, one of the fastest growing and most diverse groups in PCS, I have had first-hand experience supporting members across the civil service, ALB’s, Charities, and the private sector.

This has been an incredible year to be active in our union and in the wider movement. I am proud to have helped lead and unite PCS in the biggest campaign of my lifetime. This last year has been filled with so much success and potential and our members have shown their strength. In the year ahead I am excited to work towards our goals and to make sure we win in our national campaign, our branch negotiations, and for every member in their workplace.

As Chair of the Disabled Members Forum and the Climate Change and Environment Forum I have engaged with members, helped build campaigns and events that reflect our priorities, and represented us externally to build our profile. With supporting the organising of the National Equalities Forum being a particular highlight. It is important we continue to build our knowledge and influence in these key areas.

My record shows I will be a voice for all members at all levels of our movement, from the TUC and NEC down the branch across all types of employer and member. I will continue working to build unity and strength in the union and in the wider movement. I will continue to be a strong, supportive and visible representative of our union.

Please support me and the other Democracy Alliance candidates