Hannah David

I am an experienced activist within the union movement, and I am proud to represent our members at all levels. In this last year I have done so on the NEC, as Chair of the South West Region, as Vice President of the Culture Group, as Chair of the SW TUC and as Branch Secretary.

As a longstanding member of the Culture Group Executive, I have been excited to use my experiences there and in the South West to work with the NEC in the last year and to help guide our union. It has also been an opportunity for me to work with many other members across PCS; in our Equality Groups; EFRA Group; International Committee; and Outsourced Workers Committee in particular. Getting to talk to individuals and groups and to find out more about the work our brilliant members are doing, the challenges they are facing, and supporting them, has been a privilege. I would like to thank you all for that opportunity, and to ask you for your support again.

I always use my platform to encourage active union membership and diverse representation in our union at every level. In the South West we have built a great Disabled Members network, sharing information and supporting each other in our workplaces and as individuals though a period of vulnerability and stress. In the TUC South West we have launched a Black Talent Programme for 2022/23 to support, uplift and provide skills training to unionists. From when I first joined PCS, to now, I have been supported and encouraged and I want to give the same support back. I am committed to actively working to make our movement and our union a place where everyone can feel welcome, supported, encouraged and valued.

We need to work together, to listen to our members and to non-members, to learn how we can best build a stronger more organised union in our changing workplaces. We need workplaces that are more flexible, greener, and where there is fair pay for all. We need to connect with other unions, groups and communities to build a strong campaigning movement, continuing to make an impact beyond our workplaces, in the areas that matter to us.

I will continue working to build unity and strength in the union and in the wider movement so we can work together to achieve our goals. I will continue to be a strong, supportive and visible representative of our union.

Please support me and the other Democracy Alliance candidates.