Gill Watts R&C


I am the Branch Organiser of Criminal Justice Branch. As a lifelong Trade Unionist in PCS and her predecessors, all the way back to IRSF. I am committed to Socialism and have found a home in the diversity of members within the Left Unity Group.  I have served in a variety of negotiating, training, and organising roles at Office and Branch level.

It has been a privilege to serve on the GEC this past year. I have worked with the Assistant Group Secretary responsible for FIS and RIS and attended the Environmental Advisory Committee as the GEC link. If elected again, I want to help strengthen the work of the Business Trade Union Side Committees.

It was disappointing to miss the 50% threshold in the ballot, I personally clocked up 800 calls on Call hub, engaging with members is key to winning future ballots.

My priority is to continue to be honest and collaborative in seeking proper recognition in the workplace, mentoring members who show interest in contributing more and increasing membership density by demonstrating clearly when recruiting, that we achieve more together than we do alone, and by promoting our collective values of solidarity and equality in the workplace.