Gemma Criddle R&C

For R&C Assistant Group Secretary

I am seeking election for HMRC Assistant Group Secretary as a socialist and Left Unity member.

In a time of continued hardship, with cost-of-living soaring, an energy crisis and constant political attacks on public sector workers, the trade union movement is at its strongest and most vocal. PCS is more visible now than it has ever been, with your union leaders standing up to fight for you.

As Civil Servants, we’re used to being over-worked and under-appreciated. But now is the time to be heard and say no more.

Members need a union that listens, that stands up for them and that represents them. As AGS I want to continue being part of that voice.

Having been a rep practically since I joined PCS 6 years ago and being re-elected for the fourth year running as Branch Secretary, I’ve seen first-hand the struggles of our members. We need a GEC who consults at every level of the union. Who is unafraid to tackle difficult issues with robust negotiations, focuses on building strength and is ultimately backed by its members. I am part of that GEC and will be seeking your vote to continue in that role.

In my time as a rep I’ve secured wins across the board:

  • In personal casework, delivering everything from adjustments and managed moves, through to reinstatement following unfair dismissal
  • In H&S, challenging parliamentary commitments to BS8300 guidelines and supporting other branches to upskill and do the same. Securing acknowledgement HMRC isn’t meeting its Disability Confident Level 3 status, positioning myself to work with senior Estates colleagues to ensure improvements to PEPs and evacuation methods
  • As DMAC GECLO, bringing qualitative data, backed by EDI expertise so we’re confident what we’re demanding is both statutorily compliant and reflective of lived experiences
  • Vigorously tackling racism in HMRC at the highest levels, meeting with ExCom and securing buy-in from members and reps across branches leading to the disparity audit and anti-racism workshops

I’ve personally seen every ballot in my time over the threshold in my branch including in our recent re-ballot.

If elected, I’d like to support the GEC this year in tackling some of the discriminatory operating models in HMRC, challenging the lack of Equality Impact Assessments and Equality considerations across the board and allowing some of our most vulnerable members the opportunity to come to work feeling secure, knowledgeable and confident.

This is alongside supporting our national agendas – pensions overpayments, opposing cuts in redundancy terms and job cuts that would see our members under bigger strain.

Our members are highly skilled, professional and work hard to deliver for their country. You deserve to be respected and rewarded, both financially and in securing an environment free from hostility, discrimination and victimisation.

I believe in democratic accountability and want to continue working on the GEC putting members at the forefront of every decision made. As such, I am proud to be standing for election this year.

Together we are strongest, together we will achieve.