Fran Heathcote DWP

For DWP Vice President

I am standing for re-election as DWP Vice President, based on my experience, knowledge, and background within the group.

This year, PCS members in DWP have faced huge challenges, not just in terms of pay, terms and conditions but with ongoing battles to keep you safe at work, and to allow those that can work from home to do so. This Left Unity-led GEC has worked tirelessly to protect you, negotiating continuously and providing numerous updates, we have made some real gains for members, including converting 6,000 fixed-term contract staff to permanency. You need and deserve strong leadership. Left Unity provides that leadership.

Members need a union that stands up for them. One that focuses its efforts on building strength to win gains at work, one that is capable of fighting for improvements and is not afraid to tackle difficult issues with robust negotiations, backed up by membership support, when needed.   

Having continued to play an active role on the GEC since becoming National President, as group Vice President, I have focused on organising, and revitalising the Young Members Committee, which is now an active, vibrant group under my leadership. 

I pledge to continue to work closely with, and under the leadership of, Group President, Martin Cavanagh, to support all PCS members in the DWP. 

I am proud to be part of a list of candidates that once again demonstrates Left Unity’s commitment to equality and diversity, ensuring a wide range of representation. I ask for your support for myself and all other Left Unity candidates.