Felicity Flynn


The cost-of-living crisis and a chaotic, reckless government has created huge challenges for working people. Everyone is struggling and PCS has been fighting to improve things. Lobbying the government whilst reps organise in the workplace and represent members on personal cases.

Trade unions like PCS are the first line of defence for workers and their families. We must continue to build on our successful campaigns and legal actions to offer members much needed hope.

My priorities.

Activism – PCS membership has been mobilised by the successful ballot for industrial action. Attending picket lines and posting about them on social media raises the profile of PCS nationally and locally.

Member Engagement and Communications – I am proud of PCS’ ethos of a member-led union. During the past year, I have actively promoted PCS on social media and have been an active member of the editorial board for PCS People.

Pay and Conditions – PCS must continue to utilise the strength of our membership and work with lobby groups to keep up the pressure on a much-weakened government.

Diversity – Respect and build the Diversity and the Equality of our union. As the PCS Conference moves to a hybrid this year, we must embrace the opportunity to open up the Conference to all members who wish to participate.

Learning – Help Reps by promoting union learning and development.

About Me.

I have been active at all levels of PCS since 2007, and a PCS Rep in the Culture, Home Office and MOJ Groups. I have completed a TUC Diploma in Employment Law and am currently Assistant Branch Secretary of The MOJ Associated Offices Branch and an NEC Member.

I am a member of PCS Democrats – for more information visit @PCS_Democrats on Twitter.