Emma-Lee Pitchford DWP


I have been a PCS rep since 2018, but my time supporting PCS goes way back to 2003 when my mother first joined the civil service and joined PCS. I have been on picket lines and marches way before I joined the civil service, being only 9 years old when I first knew about the amazing success stories from PCS.I knew as soon as I joined the DWP that I wanted to become a PCS rep because I believe in equality and fairness to all, identifying as a few of our protected characteristics; I want to represent our members.

My last march was in May 2018 in London. I remember this well, first time meeting Mark Serwotka that I even shared my brolly with him!. I had taken my son with me that day, he was in the pushchair banging him drum. That’s one of the things I like about PCS, we are all one big family, everyone was so welcoming to us both.

I have a huge interest in equality. I am a part time, term time member of staff. I initially thought that doing fewer hours that I wouldn’t be able to commit to more responsibility of joining the GEC, but that is part of equality. Why can’t we have a part time, mother of two, young rep on the GEC?

I have been on the DWP YMAC since it re-launched in 2021, I have an interest in helping young members and representing them. I am 27 myself; I understand the pressures of getting on the property ladder, I am lucky enough to have been given a mortgage, having not been for my husband’s wage then I probably wouldn’t had got a decent mortgage for the house prices at that time. I enjoy working alongside the YMAC looking at issues young members are facing.

I have personally had to use the help of PCS for my own personal circumstances. Managing to get my term time, part time and a office move to be closer to my children, enabling me to spend more time with them. I read a quote that says “You are totally replaceable at work. You are not replaceable at home. Home is your real life. Keep that perspective. Always.” So for me having that work life balance is a must. Being a union rep is what I strive to do. I want to help people. I want to get the best outcome for people. Getting the right results is a great achievement.

During the pandemic, I was sent home in March because I was pregnant at the time. By the time my equipment had arrived, I was due to go on maternity leave 2 weeks later – blessing in disguise. Having an awful maternity, not being able to go out, and having to home school my eldest boy whilst still looking after a newborn baby, I feel robbed of my maternity. I returned to work May 2021. I know my comrades have been working so hard throughout the pandemic and I have picked issues up since returning and helping my work colleagues to be able to get the best out of working through this ongoing pandemic, but still working in a safe environment for them.

If I am elected onto the GEC for the first time, I will continue to work with the passion to help my colleagues. I will endeavour to address the cost of living crisis, it’s a huge concern to me as many others. My money comes in and goes back out on child care costs. I go to work so my child can be put into child care, so having rising bills is a big concern for me, so fighting for better pay and pensions is a huge priority.

We face many more challenges in 2022, I would love to join the amazing team on the GEC and help support the amazing work that already goes off in PCS. I would love to say that I have been a huge part in those success stories.

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan. But never the goal”

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