David Boucher

I joined the DWP in July 2016 and soon became a PCS Union Representative. I then became a Branch Health and Safety Officer, a role I still hold. I believe that all staff should be able to work in an environment in which they feel safe, and where their concerns are raised, discussed and carefully considered.

During this time of uncertainty, I have supported other branches and fellow Trade Unionists. We have worked together to get as many colleagues as possible working from home, supported colleagues struggling with mental health issues brought on by the pandemic, and attempted to keep those working from offices as safe as possible.

I have supported colleagues individually in matters of health and safety and other wider issues, ensuring that their voices are heard, their views acknowledged, and their grievances addressed.

I am a Trade Unionist, a socialist, and a member of Left Unity. I ask all members to support all candidates on the Left Unity slate.

Full Left Unity DWP nomination list

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