Dave Hansford R&C

For Assistant Group Secretary

I am a Socialist and a long-standing member of Left Unity.

I am a very experienced TU rep and I’ve been active in the union for many years and am currently branch chair of Portsdown Vectis Branch, and locally I represent members in personal cases and local negotiations.

I am an experienced negotiator & campaigner and led the recent successful campaign that has resulted in Portsmouth continuing to have a long-term presence with a new HMRC Regional Centre being announced in January 2022.

I have been on the GEC since 2013 and have worked in a variety of areas including Workforce Management and PTOps. I am currently GEC support to the DM area of work. I’ve previously been Group Organiser (leading the Direct Debit sign-up campaign) and am currently the editor of Oracle.

The re-ballot of HMRC as part of the national pay, pension & compensation campaign is significant. Achieving a positive vote for IA on a turnout threshold of over 50% will not just send out a signal on national PCS issues but will send a message to HMRC in area negotiations.

I`d like to be a continued part in the struggle to build our groups membership and lead our members against the continued attack on our working rights, terms and conditions.


Dave H