Colin Mack DWP


I am once again standing for election to the DWP Group Executive Committee (GEC) and I ask for your support. I have been a PCS member and representative since 2006. I am based in Atlantic Quay, Glasgow as an AO working in Work Services Directorate (WSD). I am currently Regional Organiser for DWP Scotland and have held that position for five years. I am DWP Glasgow Branch Assistant Secretary for Work and Health services and the Branch Organiser and prior to that in my old branch I was the Organiser for ten years.

As an organiser I fully support the National Organising Strategy and believe that we should be building the union to increase our density to allow us to hold management to account for any of the decisions that they have made or will make. With the current prime minister making such poor decisions it’s never clearer that we need a strong leadership to fight back against what the government is doing.

The constant shifting of staff from one job to the next is now a continued source of frustration for our members and it shows management are doing this as crisis management of the worst kind. With offers of overtime as well being made it comes down to one simple fact that the DWP requires more permanent staff. We need all AO staff given permanent contracts and it is time to push for the same for our EO members of staff. We simply need more staff if you look at the issue in pensions with the leap exercise that shows that there has been chronic under investment in staffing in the department for well over a decade.

If elected I promise to keep pushing the organising agenda of PCS and to make sure that we do all that is possible to make the union stronger working with branches and offices throughout the country.