Colette Smith


I believe PCS members are and should be front and centre of all I do as a union rep, I have been a union rep in HMRC for 20 plus years holding positions at Branch, Regional and honoured to be AGS on the GEC for the past 6 year and the NEC for the past year.

During that time I have:

• Been instrumental in stopping privatisation within B&C, forcing Jon Thomson HMRC CEO to concede that HMRC would not privatise front line Services in the future

• Brought 400 contract workers from Concentrix to HMRC under TUPE and further negotiate the enhancement of their T&Cs to match HMRCs

• Protected the ongoing recruitment of 200 AO grade staff in NI

• Worked with DTUS colleagues to challenge and influence ongoing HMRC projects to gain protection for our members.

• Represented members in challenging personal cases

  • Negotiated the implementation of PaCR in CSG.

As the current Customer Services Group lead in HMRC I have been working tirelessly to negotiate with the employer to ensure that our members T&Cs are not eroded and that our most vulnerable members are protected. 

Our members are advising us they are frightened they won’t be able to feed themselves and their children, they are frightened they won’t be able to keep a roof over their heads and they are worried they won’t be able to keep themselves warm.  In HMRC, the department that police’s the National Minimum wage, some of our lowest paid members will be receiving an uplift to their pay in April to keep them above the National living Wage, this is simply unacceptable.

So this year, more than any other, with inflation, fuel and other cost of living rises, it’s important that we have a strong union, a union that is prepared to challenge government and secure gains for all our members, a union that will be at the forefront and leading all other unions to stand United against a Tory government, and it’s for that reason I am standing as a Democracy Alliance.