Clive Bryant

I am currently a member of the PCS NEC (National Executive Committee) & an Assistant Group Secretary in HMRC. I have a history of trade union activity in the civil service dating back to the 1980s. As a Socialist I am clear that it is necessary for us to build the strongest possible organisation to protect the interests of PCS members. Over the past decade Left Unity; working as part of the Democracy Alliance, has shown the leadership to defend PCS from employer attacks on the union’s finances that threatened its very existence. Membership support was vital in this battle which saw a massive campaign to defend the union. This important work continues as we develop & enhance PCS as a vigorous campaigning organisation.

I am seeking election as part of an experienced team that has shown that we can hold the employer to account & obtain protections that have literally saved the lives of members. I know that there is much more work to be done but the changes to policy we have negotiated; including the agreement that many members can work at home, have the potential to radically improve the future working arrangements for PCS members.

I urge you to read the statements of all candidates standing in these elections.

I also urge you to participate in the union’s democratic process by voting.

Please vote for Democracy Alliance candidates in the NEC elections.

Full Democracy Alliance nomination list

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